■ Features(1) : Full-stroke vise cylinder

  • The vise can be operated just by using a push button. Compared to the conventional rack type, labor and time can be saved significantly.
  • There is a function that slightly opens the feeding/holding vise by some millimeters when feeding a material in order to prevent scratches to materials and dimensional errors.

■ Features(2) : Twist-up roller

  • The twist-up roller located in the insert area prevents uneven insert wear and protects the blade.

General-Purpose Band Saw Machine

Horizontal semi-automatic metal cutting band saw machine

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Model H-400
Cutting capacity (mm) Round (Dia) Φ 420
Rectangle (W x H) 415 x 415
Blade size (W x T x L) (mm) 34 x 1.1 x 4750
Blade speed (m/min) 15 - 90 (50Hz)
17 - 90 (60Hz)
Motors (kW) Saw blade 5.5
Hydraulic pump 1.5
Coolant pump 0.18
Wire brush -
Power requirement (kVA) 11
Stroke length (mm) -
Tank capacity (L) Hydraulic 40
Coolant 120
Table height (mm) 800
Allowable load (Mass of work) (kg) 1500
Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 2297 x 1466 x 1591
Mass of machine (kg) 1600
  • Roller table
  • Roller stand
  • Vise pressure control valve
  • Bundle vise